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Seja bem-vindo.

Thank's for coming. 

Ciao! Benvenutto.

Por aqui compartilho meus projetos e canais.

Here, we will be sharing and keeping in touch. Qui condivideremo e ci terremo in contatto.


Projetos Autorais
Bio projects

Álbuns de Música / Music Albums

Conheça minha discografia nas plataformas de áudio distribuição.

Check my discography on the audio streaming platforms.

YouTube Music
Amazon Music
Apple Music


Acesse meus projetos nas plataformas de áudio distribuição.

Check my podcasts projects on the audio streaming platforms.

Podcast Ritmos Gerais

Podcast Sounds

Podcast Poemacast

Fotografia / Photo

Conheça minha galeria de imagens.

Check my image gallery.

Audiovisual / Audiovisuale

Acesse meus projetos de produção audiovisual.

Check my audiovisual projects.

Artes Gráficas / Grafica / Graphics

Bio Andre



Deixei aqui alguns links e canais pessoais dedicados ao meu relacionamento nas redes sociais e via e-mail.

Here you can find out links and information about me, my work and, how we could be connected.

Don't worry about the venue! The most important thing is to understand how we can talk and keep in touch. 
About the business relationship rules and how this will be working inside our projects.

The e-mail is the official channel to share invoices and documents like a contract for example.

We are connected too to keep in touch sharing and following the activities on this social media community.

My day by day activities... here you are my fan and follow me ;)

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